Mini Lin Dentelle & Perle

  1. Hey! I ordered the gold dentelle pochette wallet to go with Mini Lin speedy 30; but received the silver and decided to keep since returning is just too big a deal. I find that every day I love the dentelle more... When I use Perle accents it pulls together the silver dentelle with the mini lin... check it out... I like it.:yahoo:
    Post 1 Mini Lin & Dentelle 001.jpg Post 2 Mini Lin & Dentelle 003.jpg
  2. i think the silver looks wonderful with your mini lin and all your perle vernis, so sometimes mistakes happen for the better! :love: enjoy Vee!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks Girl! I'm really loving a little departure away from vernis and using it to accent other bags... feels good! Happy Friday!
  4. wow. Just realized the dentelle will be awesome with my perle bedford! cool! no regrets on this one... and I think the dentelle will wear well, the stitching is like tiny metal threads or wire... let's hope anyway...:jammin:
  5. Congrats .. it looks FAB the dentelle:heart:
  6. Thank you!:heart:
  7. your perle cles looks stunning!
    and also, the silver accents in the dentelle compliment everything!
  8. Thanks LVbirdygirl!!! have a great LV day!
  9. Congrats on the happy mistake! The silver does complement the Perle well :smile:
  10. congrats!
  11. yeh the perle and the silver thread look great together!!! you need to get a silver dentelle speedy now! x
  12. It's not that Montaigne, but believe me I'm working on it....:yes: LOVE your bag,,,, is the grass always greener??? lol... thanks for the compliment....orodruin
  13. Veronika - that is a wonderful combination. I think you found something that compliments your collection wonderfully!
  14. You must be a lil spoiled,,, just like my pug, he yells and beats on the door when I put him outside, how dare I put him outside, man... he's a loudmouth! But, I love him to death!!!

    don't even put that speedy thought in my head girl... I like the dentelle, a lot.:graucho:
  15. Thanks! You be the queen... It is a most gracious compliment! ARe you having fun with all that pomme???:heart: