mini lin danube!

  1. it's cute! not too big and not too small.
  2. I really like it, however, it's much smaller than it looks.. That's why I definitely need to check it out in person first!
  3. I love it - I have it in mono and its a bit "stiff", now I wished I had waited for this "supple" version.
  4. I can put my french wallet in it along with a compact, lipstick and still fit my mono cigarette holder with a lighter. Hope this helps...
  5. Oh it looks cute, but not my style.
  6. I would love to see pictures of people wearing the Danube for size comparisons.

    I just hope it's not too small. From artgirl's description, it's so much smaller than I'm used to, haha! Sometimes small shoulder bags look weird on people? I'm hoping it's okay on me since I'm small myself.
  7. I like it but personally I pay the extra $250 or whatever to get the Saumer, which is gorgeous!
  8. eh... i don't really like it, definitely not my style.
  9. I saw it Saks. It's a little too small for my taste, but it's good if you want to just go out to go grocery shopping etc.
  10. It's cute but not my style.