MINI LIN :D advice ladies! (and gents if you own one!)

  1. right everyone, ive been a good student and i have got myself a part time job woohoo! now i really want a louis vuitton mini lin because i think they are GORGEOUS and not bad for price either! advice though from you pro's please :tup:

    1. will it still be wearble in a few years time? i know its not like the classic canvas ones, but im not keen on the usual canvas fabric.
    2. i want to be able to wear it all through the year, which colour do you recommend? i prefer the darker one, but the dune (..?) colour is stunning, but seems to summery only!

    any halp much appreciated! and soon i will be joining the club! :p
  2. I love it in Ebene!
  3. i have the Ebene Speedy and i love it. the simplicity of it will enable to you use it for a very long time. i'm afraid the Dune would get dirty too easily, which was why i bought the Ebene
  4. I am also thinking of a Mini lin Speedy for my future purchase because I think it's too cute!!
    I hope you don't mind tres_Jenny that I add this question to your thread:
    Is the Speedy Ebene Mini Lin an everyday bag or is it considered to be more on the dressy/formal side?
    How do you, Mini Lin Speedy owners, wear yours?

  5. I find the dune stunning as well. It's very different but I don't see it as summery - winter white! I don't own any mini lin but I have a monogram mini bag in a very light khaki (??) color and it wears very well.
  6. do you guys have any picturesof you wearing your mini lin? although theres a louis boutique in town i havent managed to pop in yet and try it on myself, so any pictures to get an idea will be grateful! :smile:
  7. I got the Ebene first and I loved it so much I had to get the Dune one. The Ebene makes a great everyday bag. So far my Dune looks perfect. The same as the day I bought it. They are both super easy to maintain.

  8. love the ebene speedy, sigh if only I had one..I think it'd be a prefect choice for you!
  9. i just bought one and also had a hard time choosing between the two colours! i love the dune 'cause it's so girly but ebene suits my style more. i think it's better to base your decision on what matches your overall style, rather than what bag you can use all-year round. i, personally, think you can still use the dune in the winter time.
  10. I'm having the same debate - but I'm super clumsy so I'm leaning more towards ebene, just for the safety of my bag !
  11. I bought the ebene a few months and have been using it ever since! it is very sturdy and light and goes with a lot in my wardrobe. It also crosses into different seasons because of the fabric. I believe the mini lin line to be underestimated. Also, I have yet to see anyone wearing it (except when I purchased it, a woman was there picking up a mini lin ebene also!)
  12. i have the ebene and though i'm not officially allowed to use it until xmas, i love the color and the contrast of the LV logos against the black fabric! plus, all my LV bags were of the brownish color (mono and damier) so i wanted one that was more versatile (black based) so i could pair it with a lot of outfits! unfortunately, i can't yet afford a black epi or suhali or nomade so luckily the mini lin came along! :smile:

    i have seen more women with the ebene though and to date have only seen one girl at a mall with the dune one.....the dune one is exquisite but white has never been my color since i tend to mess 'em up cos i'm a dirt magnet LOL!
  13. I have the Dune and I love it. It is really easy to maintain! It looks perfectly fine and I don't really baby my bags that much. It is gorgeous and it doesn't get dirty easily at all. :love:
  14. It's a great material if you are looking for something that needs minimal care. I have the ebene but I think the new croisette is also LVoely. GoodLVck!!!
  15. I love my mini lin ebene noe and speedy:love:!!! Mini lin is totally maintenance-free and goes with everything! It is my favorite LV line (along with damier ebene and black epi). A lot of naysayers thought mini lin would pill and snag easily but I use my mini lin noe as an everyday bag and it still looks brand new! Lots of compliments on my mini lin bags too!

    :tup: Go for it!!!