mini lin croisette

  1. when was this first released and how long will it stay around (i.e. is it limited edition)? what kind of canvas is it (leather, cotton)?? discoloration of the lock getting onto canvas??
  2. I am pretty sure its LE because its the Cruise collection...someone correct me if I am wrong. I am not an expert. I have the smaller Marina and I adore this bag. I think that sold out pretty quick, but the Speedy is nice as well. I would love a Ronde.
  3. i believe it was released around Nov if im not mistaken and its LE. The material is like the mini-lin but it says it has stain-resistant protection if you're worried about the dirt factor.
  4. I got the blue speedy and I don't have to baby it at all except in wet weather ofcourse it was more durable then a I though
  5. i remember reading it will be released in mini lin ebene color this year, ist hat right?

    i didnt go for it now cos i'm not very good with light coloured bags.
  6. i was about to buy it but my bf stopped me because he didn't like the canvas being too canvas-like.. he preferred the more leathery feel.. and in the end i got the roxbury drive in pomme with matching wallet rather than the speedy