Mini Lin Croisette

  1. Do you guys think the Croisette is too casual? Like is it a jeans and tee type of bag? I just got this and im having second thoughts since I feel it may be too casual. What are you opinions???
    1Mini Lin Croisette.jpg
  2. I don't think it's too casual. If it is, so what? Just as long as you feel comfortable carrying it with whatever outfit!
  3. I don't think it's too casual. love it!!!!
  4. ^^would you guys wear it with slacks & a black button down shirt or white button down shirt out to dinner???
  5. I think it would look great with either outfit you described. It can easily be dressed up or down, IMO.
  6. nice bag, rica! congratulations. i don't think it's too casual at all.
  7. I think it can go either way! It has such a clean, crisp look.
  8. Personally, I think it's a very casual bag.
  9. I don't think it is too casual, I can see it being carried with dressier clothes as well as jeans and tees. I just got one and I'm thinking of adding the mini lin croisette key holder and a rond to add more pizzazz to it. The only thing that worries me about this bag is that it will get dirty quickly, it is so beautiful but it seems a tad fragile (don't know how to explain it).

    I just saw your last post, no I wouldn't wear it out to dinner... I'm so anal about my bags. I only carry bags that can be wiped down out to dinner.. white shirt, lighter color outfits will work well with it. I even got shoes to match although it was a total coincidence (sp).
  10. Well it's not super dressy in my opinion because of the material. But I think you could do a daytime dressy with this and it would look great! As well as with jeans and a tee.
  11. I don't think its a dressy dressy bag but you could definatley dress it up! I adore the croisette, i am seriously contemplating the red/ white combo, CONGRATS!!!
  12. i think it would look dressed up or down :smile: work it!
  13. I think it can go either very casual or dressed-up casual. It is not a dressy bag or as casual as the marina in this line.
  14. Hi Rica! I think we sort of know each other through Multiply ;) Anyway, I sold my Mini Lin Croisette because I thought the colors were too similar to the Azur, but now I super regret it! I say hold on to yours, it looks great whether you're dressed up or down.
  15. I think you could wear it dressed up or down! My only worry, as someone mentioned above, is taking it to dinner and having something spill on it, because of the fabric and it is so light. But I would totally wear it with with black slacks and a black or white button down shirt. Gorgeous bag-- keep it :smile: