Mini Lin Croisette owners!

  1. I have the speedy in blue, what do you use to keep it clean?

    Any spray you can use on this just in case there's a spill?

    I'm so afraid to carry it!
  2. I have the Marina PM and still havent brought her out to play, LOL!
  3. i took mine out one day and it started to rain, the water just rolled right off the bag. i don't use her much though.
  4. I'm not using anything on mine I've only used it a couple of times it's been rainy a lot lately she'll get more use in summer
  5. Looks like we all buy to let our bags sit in the box 90% of the time! haha
  6. The Mini Lin Croisette fabric is pre-treated so you do not need to spray it with anything. I would just be careful with exposure to dirt or dark liquids such as red wine though, ....just in case. I have the red Mini Lin Croisette Speedy and have been using it a lot without any problems.
  7. Haven't used my Red Mini Lin Speedy yet. Waiting for spring!
  8. I would love a Ronde to go with my bag but my store never got one.

    Did anyone buy the Croisette keychain to go with your bag? I returned mine cause it was so expensive. Now I am having 2nd thoughts
  9. ^^^ I bought the keychain to go with my Marina. Yes, it was more expensive than a plastic keychain should be but... Like the rest of you, I'm counting down til spring. Somehow the Marina and snow don't go together, KWIM?
  10. I'm useless cuz my marina pm is still in the box also.
    used it for a couple time since i bought.
  11. im in search for a light colored bag, im leaning towards mini lin croisette speedy in blue... is it a good choice?? my second choice would be the damier azur speedy. help me decide pls. thanks