Mini Lin Croisette or Mono Speedy 30?

  1. Which would you guys choose??? Which one is more of an any kind of outfit (except formals/cocktails etc of course!) type?
  2. hmm well i would look at them in person to see which one looks better on you...
    the mini lin croisette is cute but i think it would get dirty faster
  3. ^^i have the croisette in blue but im still unsure about it because im thinking its not so versatile...
  4. I love the croisette in blue
  5. i`d probably go with the mini lin since everyone already has a speedy
  6. I don't like both. I love normal Mini Lin in ebony.
  7. How about the Mini Lin in Ebene???

  8. How about the speedy in damier ebene?

    I love the mini lin croisette also, but I am still deliberating over getting it as the material doesn't feel very good to me. :jammin:
  9. i'd go mini lin--subtle and classy!
  10. I would just keep the Mini lin croisette since it's seasonal, you could always buy the mono later.
  11. I'd go with the Mono... I like it better than the Mini Lin Croisette.
  12. Both are very pretty, however, I prefer the MONO over Mini Lin.
  13. I love the blue mini lin!!!!! I love mini lin. Great speedies and easy to keep clean, IMO. go for a mono tivoli instead, hot bag.
  14. Mono :smile:
  15. I say either mono or mini lin ebene. I like the croisette but I think it would be harder to keep clean than the mono or ebene mini lin.