Mini Lin Bucket or Tulum PM????

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  1. I have the Tulum PM sitting in my dining room for a Christmas gift, but feel like it is a little "flashy" with all the gold and am worried about so much Vachetta. I have been eyeing the Mini Lin Petit Bucket because of the dark color, durablility and it being more subtle. Does anyone have it? I think I might need to go visit it, but wondered if anyone had any advice or opinions before making the trip. I think the open top would be useful in my busy life.
    Thanks!:shrugs: :Push: :idea:
  2. I love the Tulum! It's not flashy at all IMO, I think it's very classy!!!
  3. I love the Tulum
  4. I love the Mini Lin bucket. Someone modeled it on here recently and it was so pretty. I like that Mini Lin is not so common.
  5. Mini lin is lovely! I would go for that, personally.
  6. I LOVE my Tulum! No one has it and its SO chic...lets us know what you decide!!! Im not a big fan of the mini lin does not seem durable:sad:
  7. Keep the tulum :love: It's not flashy at all! Mini lin is nice but the tulum seems more durable since the canvas is coated.
  8. I think they are both nice, but I agree with afcgirl, check out the thread where someone modelled the mini lin bucket, it looked fabulous! Made me look at mini lin in a whole new way....
  9. I got the mini lin bucket the first day it came out and I have hardly used any other purse since then. The fact that it's not stiff makes it a really comfortable bag and the fact that it has no vachetta makes it easy to care for.
  10. I like the tulum.
  11. I like the MINI LIN more. It's beautiful.
  12. I love the Tulum.
  13. mini lin!
  14. I like the mini lin bucket more.