Mini Lin BH???

  1. :confused1: Did they ever make a Mini Lin BH??? Today, at Sephora, I saw a lady with a Mini Lin BH.........:shrugs:
  2. No on the Mini Lin BH. However, I've seen it in the Noe, Speedy, Samuer, and Bucket. Check the vuitton website.
  3. No- sounds like you saw a dirty fake unless you you mistook a Mini Mono tote for a Mini Lin.
  4. Nope... never was made!
  5. :wtf: No I never see that before.
  6. I am not that huge of a fan of the BH- but I can't find a mini lin style I can't live without. I'd love to see it in BH!
  7. okay, it WAS the exact shape of a BH, and it was the ebone Mini Lin, so I guess it was a fakeo!!