Mini lin bag owners, do you treat the fabric w/ anything, Shining Monkey, etc (ro)

  1. to make it stain proof? I already own a Damier speedy because I'm a clutz. Been wanting a monogram speedy, but after the disaster w/ my Monogram Carryall, I've decided against all vachetta bags, lol.

    But I'm concerned the Mini Lin may not be as worry-free as Damier because of the fabric. So has anyone treated theirs w/ some kind of protectant, or leave it au natural?

  2. maybe try scotchguard/scotchgard? I've heard it's good for fabric.
  3. I think LV already treats it with a coating.

    Otherwise, I leave it au naturel with no problems. I've gotten it wet, stained, and dirty.. and it comes off quite easily.
  4. I have not treated mine and it is still perfect.