Mini lin and monogram

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  1. Do I need both?
  2. I like both. I have a mini lin because I like the sheen on it and it is a very casual bag. But, then I like the monogram because although it's the same pattern, I get two different vibes from them.
  3. Yes!
  4. need, probably not, :P but they are both different and would make great additions to any collection! I love the min lin! IT is so pretty
  5. yes... different texture and material... I would love to buy both
  6. Well, they are totally different. Need-- I don't know but Mini Lin is cute.
  7. enablers.....
  8. Yeah! They are both two beautiful lines and are both a must-have!
  9. yup!!...LOL
  10. yes, you need both!!
  11. Definitely!
  12. I passed on the mini lin so I would say, no you don't need both otherwise I'd be getting it, lol. Since I have the mono speedy I decided to pass on the mini lin. But if I didn't have the mono speedy I would have gone for it bec. I have other mono bags. If you have no mono bags then def. they are two different enough looks that I would get both but in different styles. Also the mini lin is very dark, could pass for black if I had a black bag I wouldn't get a mini lin item, imo they cancel eachother out. I used my friend's mini lin speedy for a couple of months and I wore it with black as my black bag. I was planning on getting it but then opted for a solid black bag instead, the black epi alma and now the mini lin is just crossed off my list.
  13. You can never have too much LV ;)
  14. Most definitely!
  15. thank you for your in put, I have a Mono BH thats it.
    I agree that the minilin could pass for black... I think i'm going to go for it... I guess if worse comes to worse I can sell it.