Mini Lily worth keeping?

  1. Dear all

    I have a classic black mini Lily, which I have only used a handful of times. I am thinking of selling it, to collect funds for my next purchase, but at the same time I am wondering if this bag is a keeper, due to the fact it is discontinued.

    However, with the direction what cell phone sizes are going, I am starting to think this bag will be way too small in the future for anyone to use. Or perhaps already is! What do you think, is it a keeper?

    Thanks for your opinion! :smile:
  2. It depends if you are a person who doesn't mind having a bag which is little used but which you like anyway, or prefer to use all your bags? If you don't forsee it being used but another bag will be, then it's a good idea to consider selling to fund a new one.
  3. I ended up selling my mini Lily a year or so ago as it was adorable but just too small as it did not easily fit my new phone. I think the later ones produced were slightly bigger than the first mini Lilys so that they could more easily accomodate a phone. Mine was one of the smaller ones.

    Does your mini Lily currently fit your phone easily? Are you likely to keep your phone for another year or two? Still, if you find that you just aren't using it, I'd probably sell. It will likely only continue to decline in value as each year passes by.