Mini Lily - The Unveiling!! (and Lily comparison) Pics!!

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  1. She's here!!!! I'll let the pictures tell the story but she is SO much more manageable than her big Sister (I still think I'll keep both...for now!) LMK if anyone wants more specific pics or has questions!!!


  2. GORGEOUS bags! They both look STUNNING on you! Congrats!
  3. Beeeeyooooteeeeful! :drool:
  4. OH MY GOSH!!! Tinks!!!! Where have I been????? This is the first that I have heard or seen these bags!!!!! They are GORGEOUS! Tell me more.......
  5. Seriously, it doesn't even look like a Coach! I just noticed the little pocket on the big sister.....soooooo adorable. :love: Very tempting......
  6. Is this a shoulder bag or strictly a hand bag? Ughhh.....just TDF!
  7. I love it! I think I like Mini Lily better. But shhh... don't tell her older sis that I have a favorite.
  8. The mini is truly gorgeous. Congrats!
  9. Wow! I seriously love this bag! I like how the turnlocks are more decorative and don't get in the way of opening the zippers. Just stunning, really. Were you able to learn more about the bag? It was used in a magazine photo shoot?
  10. Oh Tinks you lucky, lucky, lucky girl! I love it. It's a gorgeous bag and it does look so much more manageable than the large lily! I really like the camel more than I though I would! I think I am going to need to get this!! Thanks so much for posting all of the pics! :heart:
  11. Ok, I do have 1 question, Is that really a front pocket, so you lift up the turnlock to get to the pocket? And it has one in back as well right? Looks like the only thing it doesn't have is the framed coin purse in back, which is no big deal...
  12. Here's the post that tells the story..

    I was so excited to open it & post pics for you all, I didn't even try it until you asked!!! Here's a picture.. thanks to DH!! (and he didn't even call me crazy for asking!)
  13. I love it! I love it! I love it! I have to have this bag....It looks so good on you!
  14. I love her ! i was waiting for these pics. How do you like the color? JAX CS says this handbag wont be aval until the end of the month. I think I going to call and back order her ! Is she much more light weight than her sister? I had the reg. lily and took her back and exchanged for a leigh and I love her. Can you wear her on your shoulder or she a satchel only?Thanx for the pics!
  15. Yes to both the front & back pocket & no to the coin purse....