Mini Lily here today....

  1. Yipeeeeeee!

    They shipped it on the 8th and hopefully it will be here today ! I will be sure to post pics asap gals!
  2. You got the black right? Yes please post pics tonight! I'll be waiting all day to see them! I can't wait to get mine in camel!!!
  3. I cant wait to see it!
  4. i wanna seee !!
  5. i really want to see it!!
  6. :whistle::popcorn: waiting...waiting....waiting:yes:
  7. you lucky gal...mine hasn't shipped yet
  8. :heart:
    OMG, OMG - I just picked her up - she is lovely ! So light and beautiful - i will post pics tonite, I am at work and cannot - i would definitely order her up ladies - to me she is my "speedy" very much so going to be a staple in my wardrobe.... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Glad you love her. But remember, we are waiting for PICS, PICS, PICS!!!!:woohoo:
  10. :popcorn:
  11. How exciting! I'm dying to see pics since i want the black one!! Congrats on your hot new bag!!!!!
  12. i cant wait!!!!!
  13. Congrats, can't wait for pics!
  14. AHHHH!! PICS!! I can't wait to see it in black!
  15. ooh...can't wait to see pics of her!