Mini Lilly!!!!!!!!

  1. Guess what my D Future Husband found out. The legacy mini lily is available for order as of today in black only the camel is on back order. If you order today you can use your PCE before it expires.....BUT he was told it wasn't scheduled for released until FEB....but since it was already sold on eBay and now in high demand it is ready for sale ladies....just ordered mine:yahoo:....and got the discount. She should arrive in 5 business days.

    Also there are several other colors scheduled to be released but SA doesn't know at present.
  2. Ok I am new...What do "D" and "PCE" mean?
  3. DH stands for dear husband

    and PCE is Preferred Customer Event
  4. Thanks so much! How do you get on the list to be included in a Preferred Customer Event?
  5. Well either you have a Sales Associate that knows you by name and you are entered into the system, and or you have purchased varies
  6. They have relaxed the rules in some boutiques a little and if you request the discount from your SA there is a good chance that they might give it to you. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask!!