Mini Lilly Rumors TRUE!

  1. Only it's not called a lily, it's a Legacy leather multi-turnlock satchel. I only saw a drawing, but it looks the same. Itshould come out in the spring. It comes in black and camel for $768. Item #11625. Just though you guys would like to know!!:yahoo:
  2. Did it have the measurements?
  3. Oooh!! I can't wait!! I love Lily but would never be able to afford that bag!! A smaller version and less expensive will be something nice to look forward to!!! Thanks so much for letting us know!!!
  4. Thanks for the info! :smile: I still want the Lily, if I have the patience to save up for it. *L*
  5. That's still pricey!:shrugs:
    I wonder what the measurements will be. I've seen the Lily INR, so I hope this one isn't too much smaller...
  6. I don't know the measurements. I agree that it is still pricy,but it would be better if it was offered in atlantic!! I just love the color! I wouldn't mind if it were smaller, as it was I felt it was a little big for an everyday bag unless it was used as a purse/tote bag.
  7. Any chance the change purse on the back is gone? Love the bag, don't like that change purse on the back. Sticks out sort of like a tongue.:confused1:
  8. I stopped at Willow Grove today to look but they didn't have them at all. I guess only the big stores...
  9. I don't know whether or not it is gone, I only saw a drawing. At first I though that it would be annoying to have that on the back, but when I saw the lily and held it, it was no big deal. If you don't like it because of how it looks, I understand. If it's because it looks uncomfortable, it's not.
  10. The small lily? It's due in February next year with that legacy collection!
  11. Thanks, that's good to know and maybe IRL it wouldn't look so odd, just in pictures. Thankfully I've never seen the Lily in the stores. If it really is gorgeous it would be hard to walk away from so just as well:nogood:
  12. That's great news! I really like the style of the Lilly, but being a petite woman, it's way too big on me and I don't like carrying heavy bags. (If I wanted a workout, I'd go to the gym.) Maybe the mini Lilly will suit my frame better, but I wish it would come out in Whiskey and Atlantic.
  13. Sprinkles - the regular Lily. And I had cash with me...
  14. Ah, I see! Yeah, not even the flagship store in our district carries them! I think they may be legacy shop only ones!
  15. It is actually called the Legacy Leather Multi-turnlock Satchel. It will measure 9x12x6 with 19" handles. It is set to release in Camel and Black. Again, it is item 11625. The rep is emailing me a sketch drawing of it.