Mini Kelly question

  1. Would you ever use a mini Kelly for daytime? I am just wondering...I've been thinking about the chocolate mini I saw at SF on Saturday. It was gorgeous but didn't really say "evening" to me. So, could you use it as a daytime clutch? Could you use chocolate for evening? Or should I just stick with the plan and get black? :girlsigh:
  2. we are talking about the mini kelly bag 20cm the classic style not the clutch. well while i can see the clutches worn daytime a petit kelly is really an evening abg for me and may look diplaced when carried trhough the day but tha is just me
  3. I pretty much agree with Lilach, but don't let us influence you. You need to have your own style and wear/use what you feel. It is what makes you special! That is my feeling.
  4. I think it would make an excellent "luncheon bag"! If you love it, go for it!
  5. Thank you! I am thinking that since I would want to use it for evening as well I should probably get black...but the chocolate was so pretty. :girlsigh: Maybe I should save the chocolate for a more daytime bag. :flowers:
  6. I don't know if this helps, but here is a pic of Victoria Beckham with her mini Kelly @ CHANEL fashion show and from what it looks like, the show was held in day time:
  7. actually it is nice for day if you normally do not carry much. ( I bought mine for evening) , it is great for restaurants that do not have "bag space" a great date bag, or for runing mini errands when a big bag is unneccessary.p.s. which mini kelly did you mean? mine is the 20cm rigide
  8. that is not the mini kelly but the jpg kelly clutch that i would also wear daytime but the mini kelly not
  9. I'm getting a little confused, Crochet you're referring to the Kelly pochette, as pictured with VB, am I correct?
  10. me too
    the mini kelly is just a minature version of a regular kelly while the jpg kelly clutch looks like vb´s one and then there is also the kelly elan and kelly longue clutch :upsidedown:
  11. :shame: Oops sorry...I was thinking of the JPG clutch like VB's! Thank you so much for the picture LV_addict! :love: That's gorgeous. :flowers:
  12. Since you're talking about the JPG, the answer is YES! I would personally use it for the daytime. I tried one on at the boutique and you can put your daily essentials (except my umbrella). I think it would be a great lunchbag and would look so elegant in the evening.

    I want one too!!! Someday ...
  13. oh so then YES i love wearing clutches through the daytime sooo chic and the good thing about the jpg it has that emergency handly so you don´t have to hold it in your hand or tuck it unter your arm all the time
  14. Absolutely - it would be perfect. I like it with Vicky B's outfit or a fab suit for lunches/parties...
  15. Sorry again for mixing up the names. :blush: :blush: :blush: I am thinking black but in a textured leather. :tender:
    OK, wallet, then clutch, then I need to stop! :lol: :lol: