Mini Kelly Pricing ?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was going to visit my SA at the H boutique yesturday but I was told she is away for another 10 or so days. I originally wanted to pick up an evelyne Pm2 this weekend but now that those plans are delayed, I'm wondering if I should attempt to save up for a couple more weeks and possibly get a Kelly instead?

    I don't know the prices for the mini kelly's or the 28cm - can anyone give me some ideas? Im hoping its 5000*ish* Canadian but since my SA isn't here I didn't want to wait for her to find out the prices.

    Thanks so much! :yahoo:
  2. ninja sue where are you? :search:
  3. 28cm box sellier Kelly $6150
    28cm box retourne Kelly $5900
    28cm Barenia retourne Kelly $5600

    All prices, US dollars, before tax.

    Mini-Kellys, better call Ninja Sue.
  4. Hi Yorelica

    The Mini-Kellys (ie. 20cm and 15cm) are not actually available generally in store anymore, it is a rare occurence if you ever find one - I seem to recall that NS who has the best collection I have ever seen, adopted her glorious mini Kellys from other sources - the mothership has the most fabulous collection of mini Kellys in their boutique window (see pic below) however none of these were for sale, just display.



    I understand that Hermes plans on resurrecting this popular size for general sale in the not too distant future ... can't wait, I have two of the most precious mini Kellys myself and adore them.

  5. Thankyou HG, flossy!

    Yes those minis are ADORABLE!!!! ahhh!!!

    I thought I saw a BJ mini at the local H but Im not sure I looked smaller than the 28cm...Anyways it was gone already!

    So is 25 a mini or 20/15cms are the only ones consider mini?
    Thanks for the input girls Im so new to this I know nothing! hehe
  6. Flossy is correct, 20cm Kellys are not currently available - so I don't really know what the retail price would be. I'm not even sure what my 25cm chevre sellier Kelly will cost when it eventually arrives (although I do know that the price will likely have increased three times since I ordered it) but I believe it will be in the $5800 (US) range. Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful.
  7. There's a mini Kelly (15 I think) currently available on ebay... black box IIRC.
  8. Togo souple Kelly 25 was $4475 a couple of weeks ago in NY.
    The 25 is a great size.
  9. Yes tararind! thats exactly what I was hoping for!
    Boy I hope they have one locally since I probably can't have it shipped to me from NY :sad:
  10. thanks ninja for your info :smile:

    hello: yes I checked it out, beautiful but no dustbag or box? Ack Im so picky I have to have those for all my bags hehe...
  11. It's funny that how price of the same bag varies among stores. I saw a togo 25 cm Kelly soupple for $5050 before tax about a month ago...:wtf:
  12. Is there a price difference between togo and clemence? Maybe mine is clemence, I can't tell the difference for the life of me. My SA said it was togo, but she could have been wrong. (It has a nice smell though. Does clemence smell nice too?)
    Yorelica, the 25 souple is great. It holds quite a bit too so sometimes I use it for daytime, not just for going out.
  13. :yahoo: so excited. *if I can find one that size* do you have a picture of it tamarind?
  14. I am picture-challenged so no, but there were other 25 souple pictures already posted by others. I think if you look in the reference library under members' items you will find at least one. Also in an old thread on 25cm Kelly (maybe about 2-3 weeks ago?) there were pictures of how much you can fit inside. Oh, also LaVan has a gorgeous prune-colored one. Look in the "Tuesdays with LaVan" thread and you'll see lots of nice pictures including one of her carrying it, beautifully dressed.