Mini Kelly Picnic

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  1. I didn’t see a separate topic for this and the last Kelly Picnic thread is 7 years old (for the original K35). I was hoping to consolidate info on the Mini Kelly Picnic because I’m a little obsessed with it right now.


    These pictures are courtesy of insta-browsing.
    IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0527.JPG

    Pics below are from Bagaholicboy’s IG and blog (thanks to a friend).
  2. I love this bag and am terrified at the idea of how much it will cost in USD. The amount will be staggering, no doubt.
  3. That red one!!!!! TDF
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  4. I've been wondering the price point too! I couldn't find a price for the original Kelly Picnic from 7 years ago either. My beloved SA didn't get back to me on price and she's no longer with the company.
  5. It'll probably be about USD15k. Bagaholic's price is normally accurate and I have converted it for you. The Picnic series all have a premium, even at retail.
  6. Thank you! It's such a work of art! I'm not even a PHW person, but this is definitely on my wishlist.
  7. I’m also not much of a PHW girl but I like the look of the white version in the last pic. Not sure if I’ll ever fork over that premium price for it though. :lol:
  8. I was hoping the picnic would come back. The price is STEEP though :sad:
  9. It's so beautiful!