Mini Kelly Clutch

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  1. Hi All
    Does anyone know the current starting price of the Mini Kelly Clutch. Pref in Australian Dollars. Thanks All
  2. 5000 USD in lizard.

    It is a lot less in swift ?$3600?? not sure about that, sorry.
  3. I recall its about 4500 Canadian for a swift/evergrain JPG Kelly.
    That might be close to the australian prices?
  4. 3200US for Doblis

  5. :shocked: Are you serious?!
  6. I just called the Sydney boutique its around A$5,500.00 but all the colours they have comes in palladium hardware not gold. I was after gold. Does anyone know how much it is in the UK and if they are readily available as I will be going to London in July.
  7. Chanella, what leather/skin are you looking for?

    BTW The rouge garance lizard that I continually fantasize over every dang day has ruthenium HW.

  8. Ooh - interesting CB I think gina b's lizard jpg kelly has RH too. Maybe there's a bit of a lizard/RH going on at H :graucho:
  9. ITA....there was an insanely beautiful vert olive lizard one as well...ruthenium again!!!!

    They are such lovely little jewels....

    why oh why dont I live a kelly pouchette lifestyle???
  10. yea!!! Maybe there's a little ruthenium revival going on. I love that metal there's something really sexy about it.

    I carried my kelly pouchette as a day clutch this week... and I never dreamed I had that lifestyle. You didn't think you'd have a CDC either and you're rocking that CB.

    So never say never.....
  11. Chanella - it's a great little bag - what color are you after?
  12. HEY LADIES!!:smile: When I got my fuschia lizard JPG kelly pochette, my SA told me that the lizards only come w/ RH, bc i had inquired about GH for my bag. HTH!!!!
  13. Moviegirl - thanks so much for the info. :flowers::flowers:
  14. Cobalt, I think any lifestyle can become a Kelly Pouchette lifestyle - mine comes with me and my kids to the movies, etc. Hey, why not?!:nuts: I figured I might as well use it!:wlae:
  15. I can't wait to have my very own Kelly Pouchette. I am so near and yet so far. Rouge H nilo croc but it has to be matte! Arrgh!!!!!! :hysteric: