mini kelly as an evening bag?

  1. do you find the 20cm kelly is suitable with tuxedo/gown events? it seems a little too structured to me -- but the softer clutches (jpg kelly, mini jige) don't have a strap so you can hold onto them while dancing. and they're still kind of structured, too.

    do i just have to resign myself to a non-h bag for super dressy affairs? not that i go to many -- so maybe it doesn't even make sense for me to invest in hermes for them. :confused1:

    i'm hopeless. i've been obsessed with the 20cm kelly and so i'm probably just trying to find more reasons to get one. oh well, at least i'll get to play with one when ninja sue and i do a field trip to KOP!
  2. I think it has a very formal feel in some leathers
  3. about in black croc? OR the JPG mini Kelly in an exotic?
  4. I think in certain leathers it would be great for evening.:yes: Love the JPG Kelly too!
  5. DQ, I think you need to buy that alligator mini already!! Give it a test drive. I think it is dressy enough but you need to be comfortable with it. While I wouldn't wear my rouge H courchevel mini to a formal affair, I would definitely wear my black box or navy/indigo box leather mini. I think an alligator mini would look very chic! You could also wear the 'gator mini with jeans for a night out. So, I think it is a win-win situation. More importantly, when are we going to play at H?
  6. absolutely!!!
  7. oh,oh,oh I LOVE that idea of a 'gator with jeans, DQ! EXCELLENT idea....very chic!
  8. i've been :busted , but i just can't stop thinking about the dang thing!

    how's the weekend after next look for you?
  9. E.....when you can't stop thinking about a bag then it's a clear indication it needs to belong to you.......if you can swing it, get it.

    I bought my black Chamonix Kelly Elan without a clear idea of where I'd use the thing....I loved it and that was that. I took it with me to NYC and Italy and used the heck out of it but it's been sleeping in my armoire now since I returned in late October EXCEPT for a cocktail party I went to for the holidays. Doesn't matter.....I adore it!

    Even if you use it a few times a year, you'll love it and it will be worth every penny......honestly.
  10. Oh, get the dang thing already!!!
  11. hey -- don't yell at me! or i won't bring you-know-what you-know-where.

    you in CA this week?
  12. DG, I love the idea of a mini JPG for you. In exotic!
  13. Yep, arrived at LAX with one suitcase instead of two and no rental car because the rental company ran out of cars. Ended up finally getting a car two hours later and heading to my parents' house. My SoCal road trip has been put on hold until my luggage arrives.:sad:
  14. Works for me!!
  15. Dressage Queen, my mini Kelly is my *date* on evenings out. She can go casual with a twilly, or, adorned with a gold lock.

    You could carry her in hand as a clutch....she's small enough to do that.....and it would be a more formal way to wear her. But, I see using the handle as a formal look too. It is just whatever you are comfortable doing. I feel.