Mini in DE or Mono? I'm so torn


Mini Pochette in Mono or Damier Ebene?

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  2. DE

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  1. I went and looked at the mini pochette at the LV store yesterday and still couldn't decide between the Mono or DE print.

    I love the red interior inside the DE but I like the Mono print a bit more so it's a total toss up. Gah

    I went went and counted all the prints in the club house, 28 Monos vs 24 DEs haha. Also a close one.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have the mono and love it. The mono print is great for the mini. I use it all the time and get tons on compliments! I use it in my bigger bags and also alone as a wristlet when I go out. I find the mono looks super chic when used alone as a wristlet. Btw, the DE is beautiful too but the red interior wasn't enough for me to choose it. I had all 3 prints (DA, DE and mono) in front of me when I was purchasing the mini. In the end I chose the mono. GL deciding :smile:
  3. This is definitely a toss up since they both have the gold chains. I bought a mini pochette in de but exchanged it for the regular size in de. If I were to get a mini again it would probably be in mono to match my other monos
  4. I have it in DE and I love it!
  5. My vote is Mono. I just got mine Saturday and already can't live without it.
    By the way, I got mine Hot Stamped!!

  6. mini de hands down!!!
  7. Ditto on all counts. I just love this in mono.
  8. I don't think you can go wrong with either print! Personally I'd pick whichever print you have less slgs in. It gets hard to find what you are looking for in your bag when everything looks the same.
  9. i actually have both but use the mono more. i don't know why, exactly, because i carry my de speedy a lot. i just love this particular item in the mono.
  10. Congrats! Love the heat stamping, it looks so pretty!
  11. Thank you! Love the new picture! ;)
  12. Awwwww, thanks...just from the groomer!
  13. +1 :smile:
  14. I do not own a mini pochette YET...but ask me again in 9 day before the price increase. If I were to purchase one, I would get the DE. I own the Eva and would be able to use my long strap with it.
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    Monogram is cute! Not too much vachetta leather to upkeep. I am not a fan of monogram due to the tough maintenance of the vachetta. but it's only a tab here, i think I can handle it:smile: which canvas are your other SLG in? my SLG are in matching monogram:smile:it's nice to have a set!