Mini HL

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  1. Does anyone here have the Mini HL? Can you post pics? I think it's really adorable (I have a thing for small, impractical handbags), but am a bit worried that it would look kind of silly a 23 year old, 5'8'' woman.
  2. I think it would be a great evening bag.
  3. I think it would be a good dinner/going out bag...but other than that, I think it looks like a toy! lol.
  4. its a great purse, and it holds a ton of stuff!
  5. It's OK, but I think it's kind of small.
  6. i have one :] its a great bag! its size is deciveing! i can put a wapity and a cles and a phone into mine :]
  7. I use it day to day! it fits SO much i put my make-up bag in , Sunglasses, 2 phones and my cles!
  8. I think it's cute ... if you like it, then go for it!
  9. It is cute. You can always use it inside a larger bag. I say go for it!!!
  10. Its cute as a tiny going out and don't want to carry a lot bag :smile: I love it!!!!!!
  11. I think it's adorable for anyone of any age.
  12. My 6 year-old sister loved her Multicolore HL, but then it came down with the dreaded White Multicolore Rot (white turned yellow/peach) and we had to return it :sad:

    But I'm buying her a White Rift for Xmas to make up for it ;)
  13. Wow that is a lot of stuff , it looks so small.