Mini HL - would you buy for your child??

  1. I really want to buy a Mini HL for my 4 year old daughter, is this insane? It would never leave the house!

  2. Sure, if you know she'd appreciate it. I'd probably put it on a little shelf in her room for awhile first though. I think this is an adorable bag for little ones but just make sure she won't color or draw on it, stick stickers on it etc. (I know I probably would have back then-you know, to "customize" it :lol:).
  3. So true, I do have to watch those markers and stickers!! But, I really want one :smile:
  4. My DH got the multi color mini for my daughter when she was 2. She loves that purse cause it looks like her Mommy's. She is now 5 and also has a papillion 19. They are cute and she LOVES them both. They mainly stay at home filled with little toys. Here are the pics of her when she got the first one. She was sooooo excited. (excuse the hair, she had just had a nap)

    018_007.JPG 017_008.JPG
  5. I think four years old is a little too young for her to get into luxury clothing and items and would look tacky. Juicy couture makes wonderful bags for young kids and I think this would be more suitable. You may love Louis Vuitton, but your daughter might not want to carry a handbag around at four years old, Know what I mean?
  6. Wow sorry for the ginormous pics
  7. Fleurdelis - AWW! Your daughter is adorable! THe MC is awesome!
    GianFrancoFerre - it would not leave the house :smile:
  8. My daughter is 18 months old and I would totally get her one! She already has a tiffany necklace and a number of other items and don't any reservations about her having them.
  9. Oh, if it's going to be a keepsake; than that would be wonderful! I'm sure your daughter you would love it and appreciate it.

    Fleur - your daughter is adorable with the multicolore bag!
  10. I have one, and I :heart: mine!

    Juicy Couture also makes adorable purses as well (I :heart: Juicy!)
  11. Thanks guys. I was against the bag when my husband first bought it, but it grew on me. She loves that bag and the papilion. She takes great care of them and I know she will have them for life. She got the first one right before she was 2 the other when she was 4. She is 5 now and still uses them
  12. i recall at least two other tpfers bought their little ones mini HL, from the pix they post, the little ones sure enjoys it. But keep in mind would you be ok if you daughter start to customize it, would you penalize her? If you feel confident about your answer, why not?
  13. My daughter is one and she has a tiffany necklace and two pairs of diamond studs, unfortunately she lost one side each of those studs....grrr...anyway, she loves my bags and my accessories...always going through my bags and pulling my wallets and other things out and playing with them. I would love to get her a louie some day but I am going to wait until she's older and we can go in to the store together and pick one, kind of a coming of age thing. Until then I'll let her play with mine.
  14. I can only speak for myself and I could imagine getting my daughter one; oh my little sister is 9 and I am seriously thinking of getting her a pochette for her 10th Bday so i suppose she is old in her first LV!!
    I do agree with riley girl, my lil sis now understands LV and thats why I want to get her one now, she will appreciate it xx
  15. my Bf's niece has one she got it when she was 2, she has carried bags since she could walk she is always picking up people bags and walking around with them. It made me laugh because in her bag she carried tissue's and a nappy. If you think she'd like it get it.