mini hl... is it worthy of speedy title?


what on earth is the mini HL

  1. a teensy speedy wannabe

  2. the tiniest MEMBER of the speedy family

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  1. is the mini HL in the speedy family, or is it just a teeny wannabe?
    i want to know if my first bag was "technically" a speedy.. or not..
  2. mono. or mc. it really doesnt matter...
  3. I think it is the tiniest member the the speedy family.
  4. i do think of it as a mini-Speedy :yes:. it's shaped that way, after all.
  5. It's a mini speedy... very cute!
  6. If I'm not mistaken, the mini HL has a historical meaning in the House of Vuitton. HL is the initial of Henry-Louis Vuitton. This mini HL was designed for Henry or by Henry for some Vuitton's young child to store in toys or colour pencils.

    Henry is the 4th Generation Vuitton who had also designed the Amazone as his own personal camera bag. (reference from the Icon book).
  7. I think it's a Mini Speedy.
  8. Its definately mini! I got my daughter one on my last trip to Paris..She adores it!
  9. Nice to know about this thing. Thanks! :nuts:
  10. haha i have the icons book and didn't even read about that!! lol.. i think it's a mini-speedy.. a teeny wannabe would be those other designers that make 'mini' versions of their bags.
  11. It was designer by the grandfather Henry for his grandson Henry louis and it does make a really adorable mini speedy.
  12. Definitely a mini speedy. I want to buy one for my daughter, but shes only 9 months old. By the time she is 5 I know the HL will cost a bomb (unless LV stops increasing prices every few months!).
  13. definitely the little speedy...i think its cute!
  14. Most certainly a Speedy...Henry would have it no other way!
  15. definatly a speeedy.. a cutey one too