Mini HL. a VERY underestimated bag!

  1. look at how much it can hold!


    there is barely any bulge when its full!


    (i still think its a little overpriced, but it really does hold a good amount!
  2. Unbelievable :smile:
  3. Wow, I am amazed!
  4. Wow! I am surprised that it can hold that many stuffs. :wtf: It is a very cute bag. Congrats! :flowers:
  5. Love your HL...
  6. That's amazing, looks like I'll be getting one of these later least there are some decent ones on eBay for much less than retail. The MC ones are discontinued, anyway :sad:
  7. Wow! Holds so much more than the pochette! It is so cute! I want one.
  8. It really holds a lot. I tried it out in the store and it fit everything in my purse except for my agenda. When I was taking the stuff out, everyone was laughing and said it looked like a magic trick or something like, what else was I gonna pull out of there! Eventually, I do want a monogram one, and it looks cute with the long vachetta strap!
  9. WOW! It does hold a lot! Very cute too!
  10. OMG so surprised
  11. Wow, that's quite a lot! :wtf:
  12. I've been getting the urge to buy one of these too b/c my mono speedy needs a little sister! I think I might have more use for it than my wapity, and I use that ALL the time!!
  13. can you post a pic with you carrying it so I can see exactly how small the bag is??

    oh and BEAUTIFUL beach scene in the background.........where do you live??
  14. wow the view looks nice from your window:tender:
  15. Lovely.