Mini Haul !

  1. heres a link for the picture: the attachment isnt working for me

    i just got the bag today and i got the shoes a few weeks ago! im like IN LOVE with the bag. i had to stand there at the counter at macys and make sure my moto q music 9m phone fit in the pocket, and it was perfect. the sneaks i got at macys before the holidays, the sneaker flats & the signature stripe flats i grabbed at off Saks at the wrentham outlets, and i picked up the jacquard (is that what theyre called?) at marshalls. ill be posting my entire collection as soon as i can get everything together. i have some stuff in the basement closet so my dad doesnt find them. my mom is fine with it, but my dad HATES when i spend alot on coach.
  2. Your attachment and link don't work for me. Hopefully you can repost your pics cuz I would love to see what you got.
  3. I LOVE THEM!!! They're all gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Wow! You got some awesome shoes and your bag is awesome! Congrats!
  6. thank you everyone! it bag is the new slim carly. i tried on the large carly but the strap was a little too small for me. i love the bag! they just unpacked the slims today and they already sold 4. im actually thinking of getting the slim carly with white leather...:graucho:
  7. The Carly is a great bag! You will love using her!

    The shoes are super cute too! Love the flats and the sneaks!

    Congrats on your great purchases! Were any of these on sale at Macy's? I need to go check the shoe section out.
  8. pretty sure theyre having sales on coach shoes. i know the snow boots were marked down & so werent some of the flats. i have big feet, so i ask to see their inventory in size 11 and usually they keep all their coach shoes in one section.
  9. Love your shoes!!
  10. thank you! im a sophmore in high school so i wear them to school alot. theyre quite a hit :smile:
  11. Congrats! The shoes are adorable!! Wish I could wear flats again!!
  12. thanks :smile:
  13. Congrats, cute shoes.
  14. I love you bag and all those cute shoes. I have a pair of coach sneakers my mom bought me ages ago. I think you have inspired me to pull them out and wear them!
  15. Can you tell me what the name is of the pair on the far right, the skimmers with the ties? Thanks!