Mini Hamilton

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can get a mini Hamilton in a color besides black or brown? I prefer pink or purple or a fun color.. I have looked online and called quite a few MK stores. There aren't many stores to check where I live. Thank you.

  2. I saw some in Macy's.
  3. Thank you..I will call some are only the darker colors.:smile:
  4. Well no luck. After calling many Macys stores they all said they never carried it. But what is really frustrating is I called many Michael Kors stores as well. Most of them had no clue what I was talking about..kept referring to the small crossbody. I guess it's not meant to be..but still hoping in the next few days I can track one down.
  5. If you're willing to pay a bit more, Selfridges has a "Summer Blue" one and Farfetch has a white one (not sure if that constitutes fun). I know Macy's had the green on their site for awhile and Nordstrom's had fucshia, maybe you'll get lucky and snag a return? Otherwise, there are listings on ebay if you want to go that route.

    I know one of the Michael Kors stores by me said typically that bag in other colors at department stores. If I do see one, I'll let you know. I'm looking for one with shw atm for myself.
  6. You're a little too late! Macy's had the mini Fuchsia hamilton on sale for $114.00! I had already purchased the red one and had a pink bag, so I didn't get it. They don't sell the mini hamilton at the MK store, they were so confused when I asked to see it. I just walked over to Nordstroms and it was there. In black and luggage only. I ordered mine from Macy's. I went into the store and asked for it. Free shipping to my house. Dig a little deeper. You'll find it.

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    Just looked on They have it in Mandarin as well.
  8. Thanks for the replies..I've never heard of any of those stores. I'm in the Midwest so I will definitely check those out...I did get the fuschia mini selma at least..:smile:)
  9. Hi jal555, I recently got a mini Hamilton in red from luisviaroma online and had it shipped to UK. I also didn't want a boring colour, so when I found one, I just went for it!
  10. Thank you very much..:smile:
  11. I've bought it from Macys store in 4 color : red,Palm,Fuschia and Mandarin
    You have to find it in person at Macys store only because it will be sold out very quick
  12. I saw a few colorful and cute ones at Nordstrom's as well! Good luck!!
  13. Thank you..I have no Macys or Nordstrom where I live. I called about 20 Macys and they all said they never carried them. I haven't given up hope..I'm still searching..:smile:
  14. Belk really has the red one now... I just ordered one.. I've been wanting the red one for a long time... Finally, yeah!!
  15. I seen that..I may order that if no luck finding fuschia. Thank you.:smile: