mini Goldendoodle

  1. I have been trying to figure out the breed of Ashley Tisdale's dog, today on Perez Hilton he said it was a mini goldendoodle.

    If anyone has the same breed, I would love to see a picture, many thanks.
  2. I saw that as well, and not to sound snotty, I don't think Perez knows his head from a hole in the ground!!! That dog looks nothing like a goldendoodle at all to me, even a mini one. Look at the body proportions- the head, size of paws, limb length, etc., etc.

    I really do think it is a maltese/poodle cross or a straight poodle.

    Here is a link:

    the editors at this dog site that track celeb pets have been told it is a poodle.
  3. Also, I think others have said this before, but even if your puppy looks like this initially, it does not mean he'll look the same when he matures... My best advice is to pick a dog you find attractive, but go for personality of the dog. I know adoption has been brought up before also. Why don't you try a poodle rescue or look for poodle mixes in your area too?

    I know, easier said than done many times. I looked for a small sized, young dog (up to 1.5 years) for 3+ months in a tri-county area at shelters and found no dogs that would work for me. All were big, most were pitt or part pitt and the little ones in my area were mostly chi's (and I really don't care for that breed, not to offend anyone) or those crazy hairless dogs (again sorry, don't mean to offend!).
  4. :crybaby::crybaby: lol JPJP!!

    To the OP, Im pretty sure its a Maltese/Poodle mix. Those seem to be "all the rage" these days:rolleyes:
    Try to find a dog that suits you,and dont go just for the looks, like elizat said.
    Example: when we went to pick up Princess from the home we adopted her from, I swear to you she looked a MESS and I thought she was the UGLIEST dog! But, she was the sweetest thing, so friendly! And her personality was amazing!! So, we took her. After I took her to get groomed and all cleaned up, it was like night/day! She is sooo cute to me now lol!

    Im going to see if I can find the old..old...old picture I have of her when we first got her, I will prove to you she was a hot ass mess lmao! Ill be back!

  5. I have to ask, what the heck is a "mini Goldendoodle"? Are they now a "breed"?
  6. I found it!!! WOW! lol. This was almost 3 years ago! Mariah has gotten so much lighter since then because of the gray hair:love: ANYWAY, let me stop reminiscing lol!
    LOOK AT PRINCESS!!!! This was AFTER I cut the hair that was COVERING her eyes! The poor baby couldnt even see:sad:
  7. I was going to ask the same thing! But I assumed it was a non-existent breed because Perez Hilton is a little umm...well...of his rocker lol! HIGHLY entertaining man, but a little on the weird side!
  8. I think a Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix. Just as the Maltese and Poodle mix is a Maltipoo.
  9. aweeeee princess is so cute.
    Its just I would like a companion when I move to Alabama, my guy will still be in Iraq then, I will probably adopt locally come to think of it.
  10. Oh ok. But a "Goldendoodle" wouldnt be nearly that small!! Even if it were puppy. There is no way to get a Golden Retriever in "mini" size, is there? That would be pretty freaky.
  11. ^^^ I've wondered about that too. Unless they are taking all the runts of the litters and breeding them and calling them mini? Or maybe it is b/c the poodle is a mini instead of standard????
  12. I guess you could breed a male mini poodle with a female Retriever, but freaky! I bet a standard sized poodle/retriever mix would be adorable though!
  13. To be honest, I think this whole "designer dog" breeding is out of control. Are there any breeds these people won't cross to make money? (Sorry for the mini rant).
  14. I figured it was going to be a teacup :push:

    please please please if you are thinking about getting a maltipoo please do the research and please try to not get a teacup or a mini toy dog, they are more prone to illiness and problems along the line because of their size.