mini gaucho

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  1. Well I own one in brown (not the chocolate)...

    Pic of me here wearing it:

    Now the question is.... with the super good price on ($433) should I get a white one (and maybe get rid of the brown? I really fell in love with the white one first in February when I was at the Vegas Dior shop. I bought the brown at a good price as well... ). I also own a medium sized gaucho in red, and there's no way I need 3 of the same style of bag.

    I see the black is also the same price =X I guess black is more 'practical.' Geez I really am crazy.

    Ideas? Opinions? Am I just silly? Or just a BCBG (bag crazy bad girl) as my bf calls me? :/
  2. I ordered the argent, think I may have got one of the last ones :p.

    I would definitely take advantage of the super prices, I was really happy with the whole purchase process from them.

    I think it depends on your wardrobe too, would white or black be more suitable than brown with the colours you like to wear. If so go for it :yes:
  3. Ooooh I don't know that you should get rid of the brown one though, it's gorgeous!
  4. can i be a terrible enabler and say keep the brown and get the white one as well? the price is too good ! :nuts:
  5. Evil Natalia :smile:

  6. shhh... i would get it myself but bought 2 weekenders this month and am moving over to a different country...i seriously can NOT buy another purse!
  7. Speaking of balenciaga, picked up a magenta mini classique. Hoping I stop at one :smile:

    Sorry to go slightly off topic, I will be quiet now :graucho:

  8. i was watching that auction!:ninja: but got magenta work recently and couldnt justify getting this one as well...

    :back2topic: black might be more practical...but off white is so much more BEAUTIFUL ! :okay:
  9. Couldn't resist, it was such a cutie.

    Thought I had better remove the pic, knowing my luck I'd get sued for copyright :wtf:
  10. thanks guys ;)

    im going to have a heck of a time explaining this to my bf LOL

  11. awwww did u follow my wise and insightful advice then ? :tup::roflmfao:
  12. yes ^^; you are so evil! :smile:

    i decided this is a gift to myself for my bday next month LOL (and i hope to 'earn' it by securing a job i like more... not like i am jobless atm, i just dont like what i do teehee :p)
  13. I checked today and white & black have gone .. lucky I ordered the black yesterday but I was tempted to get the white one too cuz the price just damn crazy...
  14. Oh yeah?! Which one, the regular gaucho mini or the shoulder one? I also ordered the black shoulder mini, yesterday. I was fed up to search for a deal on eBay, despite of all the efforts ultimatechic made to help me.

    BTW, thanks ultimate, you deserve the title of the tPF squad leader of gaucho's purchasers on Diabro :king:

    .... and please, be indulgent with my english. I'm trying to do my best :yes:
  15. Awww :blush:

    You and LaMissy probably sold them out ;)

    I had waited and waited for a mini to come up on eBay and the only one I recall seeing at a reasonable price was the denim :sad: so when I saw the gaucho thread with the reduced price I ordered straight away.

    BTW Your english is perfectly fine :yes: