mini flap?

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  1. I havent seen them at the stores, have they been discontinued? If not anyone know how much they are now?

    Are the wallet type bags the only option for going out at night?
  2. IMO, the wallet on a chain is the best going out bag. They are about $1400 and are currently available.

  3. Thanks, im from san diego and have only one chanel boutique in a neiman marcus to get things from and theyre not very helpfull.
  4. Yeah, I've been to that boutique. Their inventory is mediocre at best. It's a shame.
  5. I just saw one at Heathrow airport in black caviar with SH. If I remember correctly, it was over $1400...closer to $1700.
  6. I was at Tysons Corner, VA today and they had a mini in black caviar. I didn't look at the price though.
  7. $1700 for a mini classic flap? A sa in saks in new jersey said $2800 for the small size. I almost fell over! I want a small in some color other than the black jumbo I already own.
  8. oh.. and I have been searching ebay and can't find one at all. I guess I'm outta luck.
  9. Last I checked this was still available from the Neiman Marcus Catalog;

    Metallic Black Wallet on Chain
    Catalog Code: f807
    Item #: 15b
    Price: $1,325

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  10. I'm living in San diego too,couldn't find the goodies from NM in San diego too!...Including,they accept only the NM card,kind of off for me, so I have to go to South coast plaza instead.

    I think calling to order from the NM or SAKS or boutiques and let them ship to your house is the best way to go if you have no time to travel out of town.
  11. Are the mini flaps available in any stores around the Los Angeles or Orange County areas? I really want the black lambskin mini flap with gold hardware!
  12. There's a black caviar miniflap currently for sale at Malleries for $3180.00.
  13. I just got a black caviar mini flap with silver hardware for Christmas from Saks.
    I believe it was around $1900 with tax and everything.

    So yes, they are still around, but the SA said they aren't as common as mediums and jumbos and such.