Mini Flap Reveal- Please Help!!!!

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  1. Hi all,

    I ordered a miniflap in caviar and it just arrived! The SA told me it was a distressed matte caviar. I love it. It definitely looks distressed, and I want to make sure it is the way it's supposed to be and it isn't worn... It was the last one so probably on display.

    The "distressing" is on both sides, and all "bends" on the bag, which makes me believe it's intentional.

    Under the cc closure, there is also a small red iridescent looking mark. I will call my SA about it but it's not noticeable when the bag is closed. Is that acceptable? Am I just being a little crazy!?

    I am VERY fortunate to have found this bag, and i'm certainly not trying to find issues with it- i want to keep it!!! But, I dont want to spend $2400 on a bag that isn't perfect. I've posted photos below and the tag is: 13C A69900 Y07525. What do the numbers on the Y part of the code represent on my bag? Is it iridescent caviar?

    TIA!!!!!!! :biggrin:

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  2. Yesterday, I saw wallets made of this type of caviar. I didn't look carefully, but I don't think the sides of the wallets I saw look like the worn-off sides of your mini. I'm not sure if they only make the minis this way but not the wallets, or that yours hasn't been properly stored and the sides were being rubbed in some way. When I saw the wallets, the first thought that came to my mind is that they look like suede... They were put side by side with the regular shiny caviar and personally, I like the shiny caviar much better than this matte caviar.

    another point you might want to consider... do you think that the rest of the bag might eventually look like the sides of the bag after years of usage/regular usage? Would you be fine if the rest of the mini looked like the sides?
  3. So I actually really like the look of the sueded caviar but I haven't seen a bag after years of use. I am surprised that this one is worn already on the corners but maybe it was used as a display for a long time. Maybe another tpfer will let us know how it held up on their bag. If you aren't happy don't settle ;)
  4. I'm not unhappy. I haven't seen the regular caviar in person, i've only seen lambskin. I like the way it looks, but I'm not sure how it holds up, I'm not sure exactly what type of caviar it is, and I'm not sure if it's worn or supposed to look the way it does.

    EEk. Hopefully someone will know the answer. Maybe from the tag number?
  5. Since it's 13c, then it is from the 2013 cruise collection.
  6. It's sueded caviar and I've heard over time when it gets dirty it's not easy to clean and shows up. I don't own any of this type but saw this last year and passed on it for those reasons

    For me if it came to me like that I would probably return it. Good luck on your decision

  7. I like the sueded caviar look!! But sadly I must say, I've seen other bags in this texture and the edges and flaps do not look like that.
  8. how much is this mini? is it 7"L?

  9. Okay. I'm not sure what to do! I feel like calling the SA and saying "i can't believe you sent me this!". I love how it looks but I guess if you've seen it before, then it isn't supposed to look that way....
  10. Sueded Caviar = :throwup:
  11. DH and I decided this bag is 100% used. It didn't even come with the authenticity card. I'm NOT happy. Thanks everyone for making me feel validated.

  12. No authenticity card? JEEZ. Did you check all of the pockets just to make sure? Shame on your SA.
  13. hm, I wouldn't buy any bag that doesn't come with the authenticity card. Good luck on your hunt for another mini :smile:, I'm also looking for one too :biggrin:
  14. Hey I just saw another sueded caviar and it looked just like your bag! Apparently what I saw was a matte caviar and it's different from sueded. Sorry for the misinformation earlier. The other sueded bag is posted in the chanel thread "I'm so upset." That means your bag probably wasn't used!!!