Mini Flap - How long is the straps?

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  1. Was just wondering how long the straps are? Are they adjustable? Anyone have modeling pics? TIA!
  2. Yeah, I would like to know the chain length too! I know it is longer than regular classic sizes (S/M/L/Jumbo). Will it be the same as the WOC too?
  3. the mini flap on me went to just about waist level when i wore it cross body, and i'm about 5'3''-5'4''
  4. Hi June,

    Here is a pic of Rachel Bilson wearing her red Chanel mini flap. I think she's about 5'2 (not entirely sure, though)

  5. ooh - i have a mini flap - look at my thread that i started on Tues ... it shows you how big it is in my hand (and its like the one RB has) ... i love it.
  6. I always want to get a mini flap, it's so cute! Anyone knows how much it is?
  7. thanks spiralsnowman for the pic.....the length looks perfect....i was told the straps are really long
  8. I'm wondering this too. And also how it compares size-wise and price-wise to the WOCs.
  9. Anyone has the measurement for the length of the chain? TIA!
  10. Definitely cost more than WOC. Last year I checked was mid-$1k. But after price increase, probably close to $2k by now.

    I'm debating if I should get the Mini or WOC, or just get a bigger flap. But I'm loving the long chain that I can wear across body..... The worse part is no Chanel near me - can't really try on & compare. :hysteric:
  11. There's a pic here of a tPFer wearing the WOC cross-body that might help you for comparison purposes:
  12. I think Mini flap is pretty cute. i love that you can wear it as a messenger bag and also could be a shoulder flap bag. So chic.
  13. last i checked, the mini flap was $1725 and this was in february.
  14. I measured the chain on my mini and it is about 44 inches long. I will try to get some modeling pics later today-I just woke up and I don't want my first modeling pics to scare anyone.
  15. $1725 ??? :thinking:i rather pay more and get a bigger bag .....