Mini flap - Hardware help!

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  1. I'm eyeing the rectangle mini flap in black, lambskin!

    Hoping I can get some suggestions and opinions on which hardware to choose:

    1. Shiny GOLD
    2. Shiny RUTHENIUM

    Definitely in my bag collection I have more black/gold combos, not too many silver HW. Plan on using this bag not specially only for special events, hoping to use it on a daily basis if I can carry light.

    What would you choose?
  2. Depeding for the look you're going for. GHW is formal, RHW is edgy. Honestly, I'd grab the first one you see, as they're hard to come by.
  3. Thanks for your reply! ️ sure is a hard decision lol
  4. my SA told me the hardware on these mini's for Fall Act I is actually gunmetal. he was saying that gunmetal is shiny whereas ruthenium is brushed. well whatever the case, shiny ruthenium/gunmetal gets my vote for sure!! esp if you already have black/gold and you want to carry it daily :smile:
  5. Thanks Ceedoan!

    What's the difference between gunmental and ruthenium? (Pardon my ignorance)

  6. Gunmetal is shiny (think silver hardware but darker, but not as dark as "so black" hardware) whereas ruthenium is brushed/aged - it's the hardware on the boy bags - has that "destroyed/rugged" look to it if you know what I mean. At least that's how I understand it to be. But I think they're officially calling it ruthenium hardware though. It's so confusing!! Here's a pic of what it looks like on a square mini (I thought it was silver at first but my SA Confirmed its the gunmetal hardware that's on the fall mini's coming out) and second pic of the brushed ruthenium on the new dark pink k zippy coin purse my SA Just got in this week! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466224440.949098.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466224488.166618.jpg
  7. I have had bags that were what Chanel calls rhuthenium (shiny) but Chanel is putting out a lot of aged rhuthenium right now so everyone forgot about regular rhuthenium which is shiny Technically no gunmetal, but that is a good description of the color of rhuthenium. Hope that helps.
  8. So the mini is regular rhuthenium (which is shiny like their silver and gold) and the boy wallet is aged rhuthenium (which looks worn and well...aged ha ha!)
  9. Hi, just got my hands on a mini today. I got the shiny rhuthenum, and it's true it has a gunmetal color, like a dark silver. On the tag in the store it said rhuthenum. On my receipt it says sac rabat, not mini flap....don't know why. It is the rectangulare mini, black lambskin
  10. Sac Rabat is the generic description used on all my bags (on the receipt).

    Congrats on getting your hands on the mini RHW! I would have opted for the same!
  11. I love the shiny ruthenium- almost bought it myself! Go with that and I'll live vicariously through you!
  12. Hi,
    Do you mind me asking where you got it from? Looking for one as well... TIA!
  13. You plan to wear it daily?... Shiny RUTHENIUM.