Mini Flap and questions about discontinue

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  1. Hi, i just went to Chanel. I want to buy mini caviar in black. My SA told me it's discontinue. Not only sold out, but discontinue. Is it true ? *i hope not!!*
  2. Are you referring to the old or new mini?
  3. Oops..! I really don't know there are 2 types. I only know mini bag.. Can you tell me the difference ? Thanks..
  4. The original Mini's are discontinued. Last season Chanel made a diiferent Mini. There are several threads with pictures, etc.
  5. Hello ladies,

    I have been loving the photos of all the mini flaps. I am new to chanel so please excuse me if this is a stupid question.

    I was under the impression that the mini flap was discontinued, as was the small flap. Obviously, by all of the pictures being posted this is not the case.

    Is the mini flap available in all countries? Or, is it available in only certain countries?

    Thank you for your help!
  6. I have never hear anything like that from my SA. I still there are plenty mini available in the boutique in all different colors. ;)
  7. They discontinued the original classic mini flaps several seasons back. They made seasonal rectangle shape with 4 holes for a couple of seasons and then changed them to 2 holes. Those are the ones you'll see around now. HOWEVER they have brought back the original shaped mini flaps in certain colors the last couple of seasons. HOWEVER they are no longer permanent line, only seasonal so you never know what Chanel will do.

    As for the Small Classic Flap, it seems only black is now available in this size.
  8. Great! Makes sense. Thanks for the info!
  9. Is the small flap much bigger then the new mini??
  10. The mini is 7.5"L, where as the small is 9". I suppose the height is also 1.5" taller in small classic flap.
  11. So just wondering, is the mini (both rectangular and classic) now considered a seasonal bag and not part of the permanent line anymore?
  12. Thanks. Im not sure if i want the mini or small for an evening bag.
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    I somehow don't buy it... That would be not very clever of Chanel, since the mini flaps are always in high demand and sell like hot cakes and for the next seasons there are minis planed when you see the lists...

    Don't know why the SA would tell something like that...