Mini Evelyne?

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Does Hermes still produce this bag? Anyone with pictures they wouldn't mind sharing? I saw a picture of one on a consignment website and would love to have one. Perfect for running quick errands without being weighted down.
  2. I think RileyGirl has one. Maybe she'll see this post.
  3. I have pics but I can't seem to load any pics at the moment. Will try again in a little bit. :smile:

    Oh, and I love this bag. I have one in Rouge Garrance. It's soo cute!

  4. So, are they still being produced? I have never seen one in an H store? How much are they? Thanks.
  5. I believe they are still produced. They are pricey, I believe 2000.

  6. ^^^ Beautiful, someone should snap that up!!
  7. Raisin!!! That's so cute!
  8. I have a mini Evelyne in black. I love it. My granddaughter does as well but not I'm giving it up. My SA did a search to find it for me. I can't remember the price, purchased last year.
    In general, I wear the Evelyne often in summer or when I'm away. Everyone thinks I only wear Birkins and Kellys but it isn't so. I wear many styles of Hermes. I love the Bolide as well. I find it a light weight and easy to wear elegant bag.
  9. Here's a picture of my TPM Evelyne in Natural Barenia which I had posted recently in another thread.

  10. ^^ That's beautiful and oh so cute MrsS! I think our store had one in soleil epsom late last year, don't know if it's sold but I'm guessing they are still being produced.
  11. Thank you, periogirl. This is almost 3 years old. I had actually forgotten I have this ... and went to ask my SA if there's a new mini Evelyne. And she said "You have one!" Seriously, this girl knows what I have, better than I myself!

    This has a long sling to be worn messenger style. Another version comes with a short handle.
  12. MrsS - I love that! (But it's your omnibus silky city that I am so in love with - I even DREAMED about that bag one night! LOL!)
  13. That's a beauty, mrssparkles!
  14. Thank you, irishlass. The new Silky City's are just as, if not more beautiful! There is a smaller size too!