Mini Evelyne vs Mini Halzan

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a casual mini bag to fit just my essentials for quick errands (coffee runs, picking up my son, etc). Which bag do you guys think is more ideal? Does the Halzan fit more than the Evelyne? I would love everyone's opinion and modeling shots of the bags if you guys have them. Thank you!
  2. I am waiting for a mini evelyne.
    For these two bags, I think mini Evelyne is more causal, ideal for summer. Halzan is bigger I think it can fit more.
    And the price for mini Evelyne Is much better!
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  3. Evelyne
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  4. Picking evieeeee
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  5. Halzan hands down

    With the Evie i am always worried about it being open and keep checking if everything is still there. Stuff tends to sit on top of each other so hard to dig out keys and lipstick etc from the bottom

    The Halzan fits more and I find the strap more comfortable. Also, I put my phone in the outside back pocket, so it’s super easy access
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  6. Different bags. Both great. Evie less than half the price.
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  7. Evie please! Although both are great options!
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  8. Mini vs mini - I much prefer the versatility of the mini Halzan. Yes it’s more expensive than the mini Evie but you can wear it 4 ways, for a variety of occasions. (Plus my stuff doesn’t spill out when I bend over )

    Halzan 31 vs Evie PM though - I went with the Evie because I preferred the comfort of the strap. Although I know that at some point in the future, the Halzan will join in my bag wardrobe.

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  9. Another vote for mini Evelyne :smile:
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  10. Mini Evelyne - I love mine. I think mini Halzan could be very cute in the right color but the design is a bit too busy for me
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  11. Thank you everyone for all your helpful insight. Although I love the mini Halzan I decided to go with the Evelyne because it’s more ideal for my everyday errands. I was able to snatch this cutie up on last week!

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  12. Evie TPM fits the occasion perfectly. I love Halzan but not the mini one. I love the TPM Evie not the bigger Evie. Odd.