Mini Ellipse

  1. The holidays are approaching and I am thinking of gifts for the loved ones.
    I saw the Mini Ellipse as a possibility for a young lady but is it practical and what would you use it for? Thanks for your input:flowers:
  2. Adorable, and very sweet of you. Can't say whether it is practical or not as I have not seen/held/used one IRL.
    Does she have any other LVs? ;)
  3. I don't have one, but I'd love it! How thoughtful of's really tiny, but I'd stick my cell, lipsticks, keys and a small money pouch...

    It looks perfect for going out! I think someone posted a picture of what they had inside it...
  4. It's one of the few monograms I'd love to have, how sweet of you!! I think it's perfect for evenings out or smaller errands.
  5. I have one, adore it and use it ever day at work. I bought it thinking it was going to be yet another unused but cute LV piece. What I found is that it is extremely practical.

    I go to multiple meetings every day and I also have to carry a cell phone and pager with me. I put them into my mini ellipse along with my work ID, some cash and my reading glasses and throw the wrist strap on and go...

    I look much more organized :lol:
  6. I bought four. They make excellent gifts. It's the only miniature version that is well put together extremely structure. Wonderful clutch. :love: :yes: :flowers:
  7. I love this little guy, soooo cute. It's pricey for what it is but if you can afford it go for it! It does hold much more than what you would think for its size. Did you also consider the wapity?
  8. It's sooo adorable, but I honestly cannot find a use for it. I prefer the shape of the wapity over this in practicality, but mini elipse wins hands down for cuteness !
  9. I want this's so cute but for the price I have to check off some bigger bags first from my checklist. But it would make an excellent gift!
  10. Ah.. I never even thought of the wapity. My special young lady is a first year nursing student and has to lug around enough books, I was thinking of something small that she can just wrap around her wrist.:flowers:
  11. I love the wapity, but it is pretty limited to what it can hold.

    Here is the mini elipse with the wapity and my new hand held favorite, the pouchette tikal.


    Close up of the two for size

  12. Can't go wrong with any of those, but I agree with Ayla that the mini ellipse wins hands down for the cutest!
  13. twinkle.tink, the mini ellipse is adorable!
  14. Thanks elle! I just got it on my spree last Friday ;)
  15. Thank you for the suggestions ladies and Twinkle for your pics, I think the Ellipse gets my vote.:flowers: