Mini ellipse

  1. Does anyone have one? If so do you love it and can you post pics of your stuff in it? I want one, but I can't find it on elux or even right now. Was it discontinued?
  2. this bag ?[​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]

    Using this search feature is always an option :smile:
  4. Yes!! I love that little bag, thank you so much for the pictures. I want one desperately, I'm going to start putting $ aside from every paycheck for one.

    My boyfriend asked me "Why do you always carry such huge purses? Why don't you get a nice small one that will go with everything and just carry that."

    HAHA, he doesn't like my huge Target bag!!

    So I will "Obey" him and get a smaller one! :smile:

    I forget about the search feature. (Shame on me) :smile:
  5. It is a cute bag.
  6. They are still around, as I saw one at my local LV.
    You can call the 866# to find one.
    It is cute.
  7. There's one at the NM LV in Las Vegas. Saw it last week.
  8. Thanks ladies, it's such a cute little bag, I was worried for a second that they had discontinued it.
  9. It is so cute!!!!
  10. I love mine! It really is adorable for knick knacks.
  11. It is really a little cutie!
  12. I personally never liked the big Ellipse, but the mini was just so cute. Kinda like a clam that opens up to reveal your treasures. I still have 2 of them. My daughter uses one sometimes, even though she hates anything with logos.
  13. very cute bag!
  14. Cute bag!
  15. This is adorable.. but I could never justify getting one - so tiny !