Mini Ellipse vs. Beverly vs. Lexington HELP!

  1. I would like something I can take to dinner (very casual dinner like pizza, etc.--nothing fancy) etc. I looked at the mini ellipse for the first time yesterday and it's really cute. My glasses however won't fit in it. I don't know if that'll stop me yet or not. And I was looking at the Beverly. And of course the ever adorable lexington. I wish the lexington could be wrist carried like the mini ellipse. (Can it? Am I missing some trick with the strap? Is there a way to shorted the strap?) Anyone have these? Opinions? Pros/ cons?

  2. The wrist straps on both the Beverly and Lexington are removable, so you can actually hook the strap to just one side and voila, you can loop it around your wrist :smile:

    In terms of sizes: Beverly > Lexinton > Mini Ellipse (i think). So now it's up to you which style you like better :smile:
    Oh and the Beverly and Lexington costs about the same, whilst the Mini Ellipse would be much cheaper, judging from Elux
  3. Thank you for your valuable help!!!
  4. I'd go with the lexington, I think it's more versitile in terms of what it can do - be dressed up OR down. :yes:
  5. Beverly!
  6. They're all great, but the lexington and the beverly are evening clutches when you remove the strap.
  7. I like the beverly because of the clip thing one it.
  8. The Lexington is beautiful, but the zipper is small and it's difficult to get in and out of it. I returned it.

    I like the way the Beverly opens, and I :heart: the clasp. Mine is on the way!! hee hee!

    The wrist strap on the mini Ellipse is very cute, and can be purchased for $93USD. The strap on the Lexington can be used as a loop on one end, but I think the wrist strap would be a good purchase if you want that look. Or you could purchase the mini Ellipse or a wapity and the strap would come with either of those. :sneaky:

    Have fun deciding.
  9. i think in this case I'd go for the beverly! I like how it opesn more than the lexington.
  10. I would go with the mini ellipse its sooo cute and casual.
  11. For casual "pizza"...I'd say mini ellipse. The beverly is very classy and would be perfect for dressed up eve's...although I'd probably carry that to pizza too:nuts: .
  12. yeah! go get the lexington!!:yahoo:
  13. i think IMO, the lexinton is way bigger than the Beverly.......the Beverly cant even fit a cles with out sqaushing it, let alone a wallet
  14. Lexington! :yes:

    IMO, the Mini Ellipse looks like a giant sea shell. :p
  15. Hmm, of course I need to see this in person and I realize you have, but the Beverly Clutch is 10 x 4.7 x 1.8, and the Lexington is 7.9 x 4.5 x 1.6. And the Beverly opens up instead of having a zipper. Interesting... :confused1: