Mini Dogon Wallet?

  1. That's adorable!!!
  2. I've seen that one at the shop, the inside holds a little chain to keep your keys in place. It's actually a Key holder!
  3. ^^ Thank you! I was wondering!!
  4. This was the first piece of H I ever bought. I put my DL, insurance ID car, auto registration, money, debit card and AmEx in mine. Frequently, if I'm just running a quick errand, I will only take the Dogon key wallet and no purse at all. This is a very functional little accessory!!
    Vertanisdogonkeywallet.jpg TTPM002.jpg
  5. Is this still available in stores? Have not seen them IRL...
    If anyone knows a store that has one....let me know looks adorable! My SA is on vacation for the next 4 weeks...:sad:
  6. I haven't seen these in the stores in a while, but it's a very cute! I bought one before to use as a keycase but returned it because I didn't like the lambskin interior. Over time, it will easily get mucky from the keys!
  7. Could the mini Dogon be used for business cards/plastic cards that are not used very frequently? How much does it retail for?
  8. OMG thats so cute! I want one in Rose Shocking
  9. Kashmira Yes you can, but I think the orginal use is for keys. The leather inside is so soft. It retails for around/over 500€ (5700 SEK)