Mini Devote Info from Luna Boston

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  1. The Mini Devote Tote (dimensions 14.5"w x 9"h x 8.5"d) has an estimated ship date of 4/30. As of right now the Mini Devote will be available in Pepper, Cappuccino, Latte, Seaglass, Steel and Papaya. We will have pre-order links for Pepper and Steel the rest of the colors are available through Special Order. The Mini Devote Tote is $595.
  2. Thanks Lexie, you rock!
  3. you always have the 411, Lexie! I'm dying to see Seaglass IRL!!
  4. There is confirmation of the MAC in Latte on 2/7 and there is a slew of other colors in MACs. I mean a slew. But Caitlyn said they have not been confirmed so not to share the info yet. Some gorgeous colors there.
  5. Does anyone know what the pepper is like? (I am imagining something reddish... :drool:)

    Lexie, is the regular devote coming in the same colors? TIA!!!
  6. STEEL just sounds awesome. Thanks for the info Lexie!
  7. A mini Devote?? That sounds intriguing...
  8. yes, i think RED Pepper! :faint:
  9. That's what I thought too, Tracy! But, Pepper is BLACK! :smile: Supposedly a smooth buttery leather. Steel is a gunmetal greyish.
  10. really? oh, boo---sorry Lo!
  11. can't wait for these bags!!! Thanks Lexie!
  12. I figured Pepper was black but I don't know. Or maybe a little speckled like some of the course pepper looks like with flecks of white?

    I only asked about Mini Devote colors so I don't know about other Devote colors coming out. I did ask if she could let me share the MAC colors that she has for pre-orders but the letter made it seem that some of these pre- order colors may not go into prouction either. I'll get back to you when she gets back to me :smile:
  13. Thanks, Lexie! And pepper is a really cool way of naming black...tho I would LOVE a red pepper color (a shocker, I know).
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    Are some of the mini devotes are supposed to be studded? Did you get any info on that?
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    Ok, I just got info from LB on the pepper and the steel mini devotes. None of the mini devote tote are supposed to be studded as for now.