Mini cute-a-thon

  1. Roxane_Mini2.jpg Roxane_Mini3.jpg
  2. Here are my Mini Classiques with their cousins the Mini Twiggys: teal (small mini twiggy), bordeaux and olive (large mini twiggy).

  3. How sweet are those? Gorgeous!
  4. I just realized the Minis look good together! I do have larger, more functional BBags as well... but that is for another time. My favourites of the Mini styles are the Mini Classiques in rose, eggplant and marigold. I also used to own a new yellow Mini Cooper (first production batch).
  5. AWWW, those are so cute!! I was going to ask you if you ever carried anything in your bags, but you mentioned that you had some larger ones so I won't!
  6. I use the Mini styles quite often, when I pop out for an errand or a grocery run, as I like to match my bags to my outfits. I also use them for casual evenings out or dropping by a friend's home. I only need my wallet, keys, cell, and lip-gloss for these occasions. It's when my husband tries to stuff his wallet in with mine that trouble starts!

    The Mini Twiggys, even the small version, is quite roomy. The small Mini Twiggy can fit both my and my husband's wallets. The large Mini Twiggy can hold as much as a First.

    The Mini styles work for me because, while I am not exactly short (5'3"-4"), I am fairly fine-boned and have fine features. Somehow the Firsts do not look good on me unless they are in a strong colour. The Cities I reserve for work only because again, they look too large and structured against me. The Twiggy shape works best, although the large Mini Twiggy is the best size for me. The Box size is good for me too, but the shape is a little too boxy.
  7. WOW! Amazing collection! love all the beautiful colours! =)
  8. they look like candy! too adorable :smile:
  9. Taste the rainbow? :P
  10. sooooo CUTE :love: ... i love your mini collection! :drool: makes me want to go out and buy all the colors ... geesshh.:party:
  11. so cute!
  12. Super cute!
  13. OMG! I love these!!!!!:love: Don't you just feel like framing them and hanging them on the wall?
  14. So cute!!! The colors are beautiful!!
  15. Your bags are so pretty! They do look great all together!:greengrin: