Mini Constance is pretty cool.... :)

  1. I just got mine Mini Constance today. It's in brushed silver with Black and Orange color, size 80cm. I like brushed silver more than the shiny one. It won't leave the finger print. The price is still $415. :yahoo::yahoo:

    I take the pictures of the belt with TR jeans and Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse. I also try it on with my 30cm Chartreuse Birkin with PW. It goes well together.

    I will take the picture when I use the orange side later.

    Not too much "H" right?? :love::love:
    IMG_2034.JPG IMG_2038.JPG IMG_2039.JPG IMG_2042.JPG
  2. Totally not too much H! Looking forward to your pics!
  3. Hello, I forgot the upload the pix so I just edit my post.... :p
  4. It looks awesome! Not too much at all!!! Congrats
  5. The result is just great, love very much your look luvpurse! Not too much H at all!

    P.s: I love your avatar as well.
  6. Lovely!
  7. love ur look!!!!

    I have the same belt with shiny HW. Matches with everything...
  8. i love the Constance belt!! its not too much at all!
    i have one with the larger H in gold hardware on black box/marron fonce Clemence. gorgeous!
  9. i think the look is perfect! i have the shiny gold and sometimes switch with my DH's brushed palladium. i've been doing the same thing too.....H belt with an H bag. although i will sometimes wear a couple more small H accessories...
  10. it looks terrific.
  11. Great pics!
    I love the H belt, I wear mine every day.
  12. Forgot to say I love the H belt. I have 3 of them in the larger version, and your pic just made me think I really like the smaller version too more than I thought.
  13. Stunning...I love the way you put everything together, elegant and super chic. :yes:

  14. i always get confused with the constance belt and the regular H belt......this is too cute! so hip!
  15. I love that belt. I have the same one with black and gold leather. It's so useful