Mini constance epsom bougainvillea Yay or Nay?

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  1. I love red first of all.
    Im offered mini C bougainvillea ghw epsom.
    Never seen this colour IRL.
    Does anyone has contance in the same colour or other bag with epsom?
    i appreciate if you could post some pictures or any opinions.
  2. Here's my bougainvillea Epsom Bastia, it's a lovely color. I don't have an opinion on the mini C, it would be too small for me though.

    View attachment 3312848
  3. Is it pink /red colour? Or orange/red?

  4. It's just red to me but has no undertones of orange/warmth or it wouldn't have appealed to me. I can't say it has any pink to it either. The picture is pretty accurate taken in natural light.
  5. Definitely YAY!! It will be great. I love mini Constances in bright colours!
  6. Yes
    Go for it
    Cute sweet pop
  7. Yesssssssssss! I would scream if offered this beauty!
  8. Yes! That color is very nice.
  9. Yes! Bougainvillea is such a cheery color!
  10. The color is so pretty..question is she size if fit ur needs
  11. If the size will be useful to you, go go go!
  12. YAY! Mini C IMO is harder to come by, and the color looks wonderful!
    Anyway, I would turn down a K or B but not a C! Goodluck deciding!
  13. I think it's cute but as always, think about how often u will use it bc of size constraint. Practical and beautiful too! 😉congrats either way !
  14. In my opinion, you can see the pink under the sun, but it is more and Orange red
  15. Definitely Yes !