Mini Compagnon ??

  1. does anyone own the mini compagnon? pls post pics ... how much does this wallet retails? tia :tender:
  2. nope, but i totally want one & think it retails for $495 USD (unless the price has gone up on that one too?!?!) :shrugs:
  3. thanks allabama :smile: im wanting one too maybe in cornflower blue
  4. you're welcome kaka, i think both AR & the nyc b-bag store have cornflower :flowers:
  5. I don't own one but when I was thinking about getting one I saved pictures from a Japanese webpage. I have the lilac and blue saved, but since you're thinking of the cornflower blue...enjoy! :flowers:
    img10392201794.jpeg img10392201799.jpeg img10392201802.jpeg img10392201891.jpeg
  6. it's really cute, but i think for the price, i'd rather get the larger one.
  7. ooh, very cute! get it!
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