Mini Columbus Day "Float" Reveal

  1. Hey ladies! :wave:

    So, today was a holiday for me so I decided to take a trip to get my luggage tag stamped along with a few other SLGs.

    I ended up bring home two other treats --is anyone here for my first live reveal?
  2. Here :wave:
  3. Me too!
  4. Here :smile:
  5. Here goes. :snicker: let me preface the photos by saying this is a mini reveal nothing dazzling.


    Luggage tag heat stamp
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    Here are my other SLGs


    It's kind of hard to see, but i got the Eva heatstamped in gold letters as well.
  7. Building up the excitement


  8. Very pretty!! Love it on the Delightful!!
  9. Definitely dazzling! The stamps look great...:smile:
  10. image-1327890690.jpg
  11. image-3523594718.jpg


    I've been eyeing this baby for two months--finally pulled the trigger.
  12. image-449737578.jpg

    Here comes the finale.
  13. image-1525654167.jpg

    My lovely flats are soo lovely. My other flats are sooo comfy I got another pair. The ones below are my first pair of flats.

  14. Thanks!
  15. Thanks!