Mini Coin wallet with mirror......

  1. Has anyone seen this style wallet in bright colors in your travels? I would love something in electric blue, turquoise or even magenta. TIA!!
  2. ita purse-ooooh. i actually pm someone regarding this wallet since i need a bright color too. since i'm on the hunt too, i'll let you know if i see something.
  3. Thanks girl! I'll do the same!! ;)
  4. i think someone from tpf was selling an aquamarine on on eBay?
  5. Bump
  6. i saw a violet, black ( i think) and jaune at the bh Barneys today.
  7. I'm also looking for one of these but wanting to get them in the new Yellow 2008. Still waiting for its release..;)
  8. Thought I read someone saw a Vert gazon at Saks in Boca