Mini coin purses (un)availability......... ack!

  1. Today I called Bal Paris and... drumroll... they won't receive any mini coin purses in violet (you know those cute flat thingies, $285). I asked two SA's and they said the same :sad: When I asked why, they said they don't always get them in all colors. Huh? :confused1: :crybaby:

    So if anyone knows if they are out and where they can be found, preferrably in Europe or somewhere that ships international, please post away! :yes:

    EDIT: Aw I think this belongs to shopping, and if so, sorry and please move, thanks!
  2. I am so sorry to hear that!!

    It seems that only a few places actually order the coin purses.

    I just bought one for myself and I am in love :heart:

    I'd hate think this was my first and last!
  3. I wish more places stocked them in the bright colors! I think they're the cutest things ... and just inexpensive enough for me to slide them by my hubby. :smile:
  4. Ditto for me!!! This is my first, and I instantly became addicted to them. I don't know any place in Europe but some are still expected in Bal, Ny. I am not sure though how the waitlists look for them.

  5. Thanks South-of-France for posting, I was just about to call them to ask! sigh....
  6. Maybe we could try Milan?? Or Bal NY? Does anyone know their stock? TIA!
  7. I tried Bal Milan, I couldnt get a straight answer out of anyone, had an italian friend here who works for gucci call them, said they are very dry not that helpful. If i make any progress will post, am looking myself as well!
  8. I talked with someone at BalNY this past Friday...She told me she had no bright colors...And the Purple and Jaune are over with...In fact, she said there would be on more Purple anything...nothing else coming in. :crybaby:
  9. Oh Deana...your pink coin purse is so tender...:love:
  10. Oh,is terrible!!!:dots:I wish the Violet Coin Purse GSH:love:
    I can call Luisa Via Roma today for mini coin purse in violet:idea: ,after I will post news.
  11. Did BalNY ever get any violet (grape) coin purses in? No one on the board has posted that they ever got any. So, they aren't making coin purses in violet?!?
  12. South-of-France, BalNY said they will not be getting any violet or jaune coin purse :confused1: I pre-ordered with them and they never told me that they are not going to get them at all :wtf:
  13. I just got off the phone with Bal NY and the man that i spoke with said that if you were on the list for the violet coin purse you will be receiving one :yahoo:.. but they aren't taking anymore names
  14. I don't understand why whenever people talk to BalNY, that they are told different stories depending on the SA with whom they speak. Why can't BalNY get their stories straight?!?
  15. Great thanks for the info galex :heart: