Mini Coin Purses (ink, rouge vif, sky blue)!!

  1. Are these coin purses? I got mine for alot less and brand new. Are they priced a bit high?
  2. Yes! I think they are super high!! I bought mine for $285 retail from Aloha Rag
  3. Really? I forgot how much they retail for but ya, that's a bit high for these babies.
  4. i got my pewter for 225.
  5. The price on these is just way too high... I really want the ink but I won't pay over retail for it.
  6. She's accepted some better BOs for coin purses before. I think she accepted some around $315, so it wouldn't hurt to make an offer.
  7. these are nice, just not worth it for the price!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. for anyone interested in CP's at retail, susan in burlingame, CA had a TON of them the last time i was there and they said they had more in the back. they had 05 colors too. so before paying over retail, i'd at least call around to see if you can get one new for $285.
  9. Thanks Marae, I'm gonna call them in the morning!
  10. Ohh, thank you! :nuts: